What I offer and how it works

Mastering is a critical process before releasing music that has always been an expensive "dark art" but is now evolving with the increasing ease of releasing music without a label. I aim to give new and upcoming artists and producers a completely transparent, professional multi-track mixing and mastering package that won't burn a hole in your wallet.

Hardware and Software list

  • Dell G7 - (I7-9750H 4.50 GHz, 32GB RAM)

  • Audient ID44

  • Adam Audio T7V monitors

  • Sennheiser HD 600

  • Grado SR80e

  • Modified EQP-KT x2

  • Sontronics STC-2

  • DX-75 Dynamic Mic x2

  • Piezo contact microphone

  • Purple Electrics PE57 Dynamic Mic

  • Vox Pathfinder 


  • Pro Tools Ultimate 

  • Reaper 

  • Ableton Live 11 Suite

  • iZotope Ozone 9

  • iZotope Insight 2

  • FabFilter Mastering Bundle

  • Waves Gold Bundle

  • Plugin Alliance Mix/Master bundle

  • Sonarworks SoundID

Pre-Master Mixing

Whether you have pre-recorded somewhere else or just want to give new life to your mix-down this is the option for you. With my 6 years of musical and engineering background your mix will sound great and ready for demo purposes.

If you have a bigger project with any more than 30 tracks email me for a quote